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Optical fiber communication Chinese continent
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Fiber to the home in the process, Sichuan in June 1st this yearissued a mandatory index, Sichuan at or above the county levelshall new buildings mandatory implementation of fiber to the home,the specification becomes China first "residential FTTH mandatory"standard. But in fact, Chinese, Internet still exists defects with high bandwidth and low cost, the academician Zhao said, "2011,mainland netizens 1M broadband fee costs $13.1, is 400 times that of Hongkong, South Korea's 29 times, 4 times, USA Vietnam 3 times, but the average speed of broadband global 7.67Mb/s China,only 2.94 Mb/s." These are also the whole industry chain persevereto improve.

China mainland telecoms manufacturer basically consists ofHuawei, ZTE, the three division. According to Source Photonics and Lightreading report, 100Gb/s transmission line project has been in Holland Huawei KPN engineering and China Telecom Nanjing tocommunication line in Wuxi application. Zhao, academician alsoreport referred to the cost issue, 100G and said: "100G is 7~8 times the cost a lot, 10G. Optical fiber communication system we now do 40 megabytes. 40G has no problem, now foreign top level is 100G, we Chinese 100G now before doing it, is not installed on the line, USA just begun installed line can call, so we chase is relatively close to the."

Facing challenges, optical fiber communication manufacturing industry

Speaking of China, fiber manufacturing advantages, the largest is the cheap labor. "This competition is not sustainable, we must have a clear understanding of," Zhao said. Chinese fiber production capacity still can not meet the market demand, demand for58000000 core km, but the vacancy to 30000000 core km. In 200770% Chinese optical fiber preform are imported, a challenge topreform supply is industry. Overseas suppliers for the recovery period of investment and the uncertainty of demand and other factors to consider to increase productivity Chinese manufacturershesitate, if have no reaction, this shortage will continue.

Not long ago Huawei were 400G DWDM field demonstration, known as the industry's first 400G DWDM optical transmission system,which can support single fiber C band of 20T capacity, more than 1000 kilometers without relay transmission, compatible with Huawei40G/100G system, support the smooth transition from 40G/100G to400G.

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