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Selection of mine cable note
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Mine cable and cable
First, color: ordinary outdoor cables are black, optical fiber cable for mine is blue
Second, material: general cable is a variety of models to adapt to different environments, mine cable must be with a flame retardant composition
Third, qualification requirements: all entered the mine cable must pass through the security certification
Selection of mine cable note
First, there must be a security certificate, other business license, production license!
Second, according to the number of cores shopping centre bundle pipe type optical cable or loose tube layer stranded cable, generally below 12 core bias in the center beam tube fiber optic cable; third, according to the transmission distance single-mode or multimode fiber, multimode generally used indoors or jumper, single-mode field for long distance (more than 2KM) transmission;
Fourth, with the specifications of the cable joint diameter smaller is better, the weight of the lighter the better, the more the better, allowing bending tension as possible;
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